My 2 Year Anniversary Reflection


I’m not an expert on relationships, but I have the privilege of being in one now that has made me learn so much about them, and more than that, about myself.

Today we celebrate our two year anniversary and are going out to WD50 tonight for dinner…  Steve knows how much I admire molecular gastronomy, and he himself does as well.  It got me thinking about what we do for each other that makes the other happy.  But that’s not the real reason we’re in a relationship. As it turns out, it’s not about making each other happy, or any other kind of imagined perfection. It’s about helping that person to be everything they truly are.

201614_10151256809981474_1751584258_o1. Hold each other accountable. Nothing compares with someone being your accountability partner. They hold you to a standard that you set for yourself and they’re there assisting you in reaching your goals.


2. Surrender.
Trust in your partner’s separate journey, even when what they’re doing makes little sense to you.


3. To be sure, your role isn’t to make your partner happy.
Your role is to give your partner enough space to find their own happiness — when you’re together, and when you’re apart. Be 100% honest.
When you give yourself permission to be who you are, you are then creating that space for them to be who they are.


4. Get into fights. It’s healthy.
Realize that you are on the same team. The fight is actually about the misunderstanding — not each other. Communicate.


5. Accept your attraction to others. It’s inevitable.
It’s inevitable. We are human. It’s when you communicate, and are clear about it that you two can be in a trusting space.

6. You’ve still got work to do.
Your partner is that seeing eye dog, leading you to where still need to adjust in life. Those feelings of jealousy, resentment and hurt? They’re showing you all the places in you that need your own healing.


7. Remember you are a reflection.
Reflect back all the beauty that lives in your partner. Sometimes they can forget how much beauty they possess.


8. Savor. Enjoy.
Seriously. You are never going to figure it all out, so just take the ride.

I love you hunny.  With all my heart.


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